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My System Specs


Budget: ~$150-220 each
System: AMD X2 6000+ 64, M2N-SLi Deluxe MoBo, 4GB DDR2 800mHz, 700w modular PSU, running on XP Black (sp3)
Plans for my video card: I game (outside of work) for only a few hours each week, but when I do, I want an immersive experience. I love RTSs, Large-Environment RPGs and working on my Autodesk suite (3DMax, ACAD, Inventor, etc.)
Additional info: going to buy an LCD monitor that displays at 1920:1080

Thoughts: what Zero82z said, I've pretty much given up the idea of an ATI card and settled with the idea of buying a nice mid-price card that I can SLi if and when I need. Should I wait until the nVidia 300 series is released before buying a lower-level card? Will my system bottleneck the Vcards I listed? How do I tell?
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