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Originally Posted by castorjocky View Post
I'm currently looking to buy a new monitor (22-24") and because of that, I need to buy a new video card.
My motherboard is the M2N-SLi Deluxe, which means I can either buy one ATI card, or two Nvidias (I can SLi, but can't crossfire).

It seems ATI makes cards that can process 2-3 times the amount of FLOPS. Does this mean anything when it comes to gaming?
I intend to do some FOLDING, but if this is the only time you'll notice a performance between 470 FLOPS (nvid) and 1200 FLOPS (ATI)?

For gaming, the architecture of the card has more to do with it then the FLOPS a card can push. Even in other applications, the pure thruput of flops is (almost) meaningless. There isnt one true way to benchmark a card. You cant do mhz, flops, i/o, etc. Much like todays CPU vs yesteryears, the mhz matter little. The architecture of the CPU is more important (Think Core 2 Duo vs P4 vs i7). The same is true with a GPU. Its even harder to compare apples to oranges, or in this case, ATI vs nVidia (or AMD vs Intel!).

You're best to read some reviews, and find out what you'll be using your GPU for, and buy based upon that. Folding? Really you only have one option at present: nVidia. Multi-Monitor or VERY high resolution gaming? You may want to go with ATI's new 58xx series.

Hope that helps!
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