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Default Modular choices for psu

I'm nearly ready to pull the trigger and buy a psu to power my next phase of upgrades My old pc had an Antec EA500 Earthwatts psu 500 wattsand it was a fantastic bang for the buck psu for my nearly 3 year old build a core 2 duo e6600 with 8800GT. It did its job very well, but now I'm working on replacing all internal parts except DVD burner, hard drives, and tower and swapping in a i5 and 5850. Good old power supply or not I think it will choke under the load.

I would prefer a new modular psu over non modular one but here are the ones I know of within my budget listed in preferred order.Antec True Power New 750W - TP-750,
Silverstone Strider+ 750W - ST75F-P
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W - TRX-750M

Any of you guys have any recommendations? Do you think my list is in the right order, or are there any other psu's missing That I should be considering? I would even probably list the Silverstone one as number 1, but its brand new with no reviews, but interesting because of reputation and the fact it has only one 12v rail @ 60a
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