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So I'm guessing you don't want to buy the rads Dazmode? Perhaps your information is out-dated?

Not to beat dead horse, but if they would be RoHS complaint they would say so on a website, just as Swiftech, Feser and others do.
I disagree. Many companies do not bother with compliance standard logos or certifications in their product descriptions or just don't update their web site when they receive new certification. Corsair, for example, lists their HX850W PSU as being 80plus Silver rated when in fact it has been re-classified as 80plus Gold level efficiency:

Welcome to Corsair :: HX850W Power Supply Product Information
80 Plus PSU - Details

There are many other examples. That was the first that came to mind. Anyway, this is all quite off-topic and I'd appreciate it if anyone who wishes to further discuss thermochill RoHS compliance would create their own thread.
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