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My System Specs


Sorry I didn't see your thread earlier..

I am running a 2 drive RAID0 using the onboard RAID from almost the same board as you, and it has been flawless since day 1.

Follow the manual to setup your raid, it's quite simple, but you will have to re-install windows 7 to be able to use it (Assuming you're going to install onto the RAID). As far as drivers go, windows 7 includes them, so no need to worry, it will install right on the RAID. I am not sure about work arounds for installing a raid without installing windows again... but it's not that big of a deal to re-format..

The benefits are a pretty big improvement read/write speeds... however, your access times slightly raise.

Comparing the read/write speed to an SSD is realistic yes, however, where SSD's really shine is their pretty well instant access times, where no hard drive can come even close to matching them in. But like you said, way more storage for the price.. I can handle the access time difference for the money spent on other parts.

It is definitely worth setting up a simple 2 drive raid, since you get a pretty big boost in read/write times.

A single drive of mine would get around 95 MB/sec average read, the RAID pair gets around 160mb/sec, so it's a pretty big jump. Access times went up around 4ms if I remember correctly.. which isn't a huge hit from around 12ms for a single drive.

So hook up your raid 0, use a 64 or 128kb stripe depending on your choice.. install windows 7 on it, and enjoy.

EDIT: Huh... better than I thought I guess..

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