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Default Upgrading RAM on an HP a1102n; need vendor/store recommendations in Montreal

I have an HP Compaq Pavilion a1102n that I am trying to find memory upgrades for.
I have the 512MB from when I bought it, but would like to upgrade to 4GB (1GB per slot).
I've already found the information on to be helpful, but am wary of ordering online or by phone.
Computer memory upgrades for HP - Compaq Pavilion a1102n Desktop/PC from

I am trying to get my computer memory upgraded as soon as possible, but have some questions:

1. Besides the suggestions from Crucial, what other (more common) modules could work with the computer as well?

2. Are there physical stores in Montreal that carry these modules?
(I had trouble with the MicroBytes in Centre-Ville; a salesperson there claimed they didn't stock Crucial because of "issues" with the modules and wouldn't order anything more compatible from what their website offered. I'm trying their Lasalle location next, I've heard that one's better.)

Any and all help is appreciated.

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