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Originally Posted by kfcheung View Post
go with the core 2 quad setup if u can still find it cheap. But the prices on intel quads are rising =_=
With all due respect (and I can say this because I have a C2Q) that's a terrible idea.

LGA 775 is on its last legs in the enthusiast sector, but AMD is surprisingly backward- and forward-compatible, so even when AM3 is dead it will likely support AM4 and/or AM4 will support it. Basically, needing a new CPU won't mean a whole new system.

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Grab an HD 4890 if you want FPS for low cost.
This depends on the resolution of course, but I'd recommend a 5770 over a 4890. It's a bit slower (only about as good as a 4870) but it's still good and generally $20-$40 cheaper.
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