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ack , another victim.Have a read through this post of mine :

The drivers have borked your card.It may or may not be fixable.

At this point you need to try and revert to 185.85 drivers.And it might not work.

-remove the 195 drivers via add/remove programs.
-run driver sweeper
-If you have a different video card you can use for a few mins , install it with 185's
-remove the 185 drivers but dont run driver sweeper.
-reinstall the first (borked) card
-reinstall the 185's.

If this procedure doesn't work and the card continues to artifact in bios , it's bricked and needs to be RMA' may in fact find the new drivers won't even install.....

The deal is the 19x.xx drivers are adjusting some low level VGA bios settings , and it can corrupt the VGA bios and brick the card.

Sorry bud.
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