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Default Image corruption on bios load & POST ..

Hey guys,

I have recently rebuilt my PC, and installed my new GTX275.

The rig has been working flawlessly for 2-3 weeks, gaming (ie. CoD:MW2) and priming (Prime95) for hours on end, with NO problems.

However, since yesterday, whenever I cold boot, right on bios load, and then POST, the text is completely garbled and shows image corruption... up until the Windows 7 loading screen that looks perfectly normal.

However, after the W7 loading screen, the computer fails to fully load Windows and I'm stuck with a black screen.

I assumed the video card was the culprit, but the more I think about it, it makes no sense:
- the Win7 loading screen looks fine
- the drivers should not even be loaded at that point
- no load on the GPU

Now, I have taken the following steps, to no avail :
- cleared the CMOS (a million times)
- swapped out RAM
- unplugged hard drives (SSDs)
- checked for water cooling leaks (none found)

I have yet to try swapping video cards... But I now think my P35 DFI might be giving up the ghost.

So guys, tell me, anyone ever see this happened to them?

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