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Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
The Balistix RAM I bought has the same kind of clam shell packaging but it has a wrap around sticker that prevents someone from opening it without that being obvious.

I was in a computer store a while ago and the clerks were specifically looking for RAM in packaging that could be opened because they had a guy in the store who had a very old computer and did not know if the RAM would be compatible. So they said buy this and try it; if it does not work bring it back and no harm done. I appreciate that they were trying to help the guy but...

yes, i have seen this too. and this is what all computer shops do, instead of the hassle of returning it to the manufacturer... they just keep swapping with their current inventory... this is the easiest solution for the store and the customer... but then the next new customer ends up paying for swapped memory... and may not even discover the flaws that prompted the original exchange... it's not right

fair is fair, and i think everyone should get NEW memory if they pay for NEW memory... if not, then the memory should be sold explicitly as USED memory at a discount

it's surprising to me that many other memory makers also have security-less packaging... i had no idea this is a standard practice... definitely not a best practice for sure... it's just too easy to abuse... to me it's like putting candy in front of a child and hope the child doesn't take it

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