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You can see here, as Marci (Thermochill's kinda-sorta rep back then) says, they switched over to ROHS stuff several years ago. ALthough to be specific, the water-solubility of the flux is a different factor, and doesn't necessarily corelate to ROHS.

Originally Posted by Marci
Our Production Manager (Andy) CHOSE to go with Water-based flux when regs changed for RoHS compliance... however, there are still non-water-based fluxes that are fine to use... there's a whole list of different fluxes which are all RoHS Compliant, covering organic and inorganic waterbased, rosin-based etc etc. All manufacturers are free to choose whichever they want to use, so no, not ALL rads produced for sale within EU will use water-based flux. They MAY do so, but there's no hard rule enforcing it... merely rules enforcing the use of older fluxes with components that do not comply with RoHS.
Now, Thermochill's miserable stock situation is (and always has been) another issue altogether. and chilledpc are both showing them in stock, for that's worth.
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