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Default GPU client 100% cpu core utilization? hd4200 folding?

Hey guys, 2 question:

I installed the gpu client and sometimes, it uses up 100% of a single core on my phenom 720 3.6ghz. The process is called
Does this mean my cpu is a bottleneck? Right now, cpu utilization is jumping around from 3-7%. What's going on with the client? Also, my gtx260 (1570mhz sp) sings one note through entire wu, but sings in burst-fire during other wu's, am I doing something wrong or does stanford just send out different kinds of wu's? Yea some folding pro out there is going /facepalm after reading my newbie question lol

Second question, my 785g's integrated hd4200 has 40 sp's and 8 of them can fold, a quick google showed that I should be getting around 300ppd and up to 400 if I feel like ocing the tiny chip. Is it possible to get an integrated chip folding? Does anyone have experience with it?

Thanks, happy holidays
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