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If you can afford the powdercoating i HIGHLY suggest it. Most people don't realize how fragile paint is. Especially stuff out of a spray can. The powdercoating will be 50x more durable and will have a much more even coating.

If you are insistent on painting then here are a few steps. If you are going w/ a matte paint. Then the metal doesn't need a lot of preparation. Sand it w/ a low grit sand paper. You do not need primer on metal. The only times metal needs a primer is if the metal has rust you are in a very humid area (think Florida). Do thin coats of paint. Wait a good 24 hours between coats. Give the paint a quick wetsand (800 grit) to remove orange peel. The more coats the better but do not skimp on the drying time. If you have a large oven to use you can cure the paint in about 4-5 (140F or so) hours instead of the 24.

But I still highly suggest you take it do some powdercoaters.
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