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Default A rave Thermalright HR-03 review by Legion Hardware

Read the review HERE

They couldn't say enough good things about this cooler and gave it their performance award. It apparently works well in SLI too.

"It is amazing to think just how far graphics cards have come and what they have enabled in the world of 3D gaming. When I think back to the purchase of my first gaming graphics card, which was a 3Dfx Voodoo B anshee featuring 16MB of onboard memory, it is hard to believe how good I thought this graphics card was at the time. I still have my Creative Labs Banshee, which cost me a pretty penny back in late 1998, and impressively the card still works perfectly; not that it can play even the most basic games created over the past few years."

There is one comment I don't agree with:

"The standard Nvidia cooler actually pushes a lot of hot air into the case and the air that does get trapped in the case is extremely hot! However, the air coming off the HR-03 Plus was never that warm, so the case temperature remained much lower. Furthermore the HR-03 Plus does not create the heat spots caused by the standard cooler, as it evenly distributes the warm air throughout the case. This makes the HR-03 Plus far more efficient than the standard Nvidia cooler."

The card releases the same heat inside the case regardless of how well it's dispersed. The fact that the stock cooler is in fact mising it with outside air and blowing it away from the card would actually keep the case cooler and prevent hotspots.

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