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Default Unstable Video Card (Sapphire HD3870)

Hi guys, I just upgraded my video card to a Sapphire HD3870 and now I cannot do anything that involves 3d.

The card is a hand me down from my little brother (he gets my old clothes, I get his old GPUs). He is a gamer and has been using it for quite a while with no problems at all.

Now that it is in my machine it crashes as soon as anything 3d starts. it idles at 45C and the best 3d I've got it to run is Furmark for 57 seconds in a 640 x 480 window. The temp crept steadily up to 71C and the it crashed.

When it crashes the computer just freezes (colours don't change, nothing goes black, everything just stops) and I hear the fan go crazy (even though the temps reported from furmark seem fine).

I have all the most recent drivers and the card runs ok for regular computer use (internet and the like). On occasion the screen does go black for a couple seconds and then a window appears telling me the device stopped responding and that it has been restarted and everything works fine. A little annoying, a little disconcerting, but nothing that significantly impacts my use.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks a bunch,


PS. Everything else on my system is very stable and runs at decent temps. I run a E8400, 4 gig ram, Windows XP (32-bit) SP3
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