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Default Painting my Cosmos S

First of all, I'd like to preface this by saying that this is my first time painting pretty much anything. Oh wait, except for when I made this little wooden version of the Parthenon in 6th grade. Meh. Anyway, Please, Please, PLEASE excuse my ultra-noob questions. If I prod or question anyone here alot it's not because I think I know it all, it will most likely be out of curiosity or to make damn sure I do things right.

I posted this here because I didn't think this has enough merit to be called a worklog. I'm only going to be painting and this doesn't involve any modding whatsoever, unless you count painting as modding. Nonetheless here we go.

I thought I would prepare for this ahead of time. I haven't used my machine in a week and I wanted something to do. So I gutted my system and removed about everything in/on/apart of my Cosmos S, except for the plastic side paneling. No, not the side-panels, I mean the plastic parts where the metal bars seem to stick out of. There's like 80 tabs you have to push in simultaneously...anyone have any tips? I'll get pics up tomorrow so you can get a better idea.

As for paint, I'm gonna paint it a nice, matte black. I'm gonna be using straight-up spray paint, I don't have a paint gun or anything. I'm only going to be painting the INSIDES. I like the smokey gray/red trim paint job CM puts on it, no need to fix it if it ain't broken. The outsides/plastic parts will not be touched.

I guess I'm gonna have to like sand it first. Then comes primer, and then comes paint. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm also wondering how many coats of both primer and paint I will need/how many cans this will translate to. I don't want to clear coat it, I want it to be MATTE, and clear coating makes it glossy apparently. I know clear coating is for protection, but what am I gonna have to protect this against ffs?

Also just wondering if there's a specific type of paint I should use for this. if I'm talking out my arse sounding like a total dumb blonde, well, like I said I'm a major noob. Hoping to get the paint bought by tomorrow, painted by/on Monday. I'm on Xmas break but that doesn't mean my English teacher didn't give me a huge book report to do. Any input/help/pictures/contributions at all is GREATLY FREAKIN' APPRECIATED!
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