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My System Specs

Default Card recommendations

I'm planing on upgrading my video card since I'm planing on moving from a 15" monitor to a 22" one, finally :)

Currently have a 8600GT (eVGA 512mb DDR2 version) and was wondering what cards you guys would suggest. My system specs are in my profile and I'm leaning towards the eVGA GTS 250 1GB version. My PSU has 550w and 24amps on the 12v rail. It's old so it doesn't have any of the new PCIe power connectors so I'm trying to stick with a card that only uses one 6pin.

So if you guys have any suggestions that would be great, budget is around 150$. I'm open to AMD stuff as well. Thanks

On a fun note, my 8600 was idling at 70 degrees and peaking at 100 but now that I got rid of most of the dust, it idles at 45 and games at 60
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