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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
You can safely pump up to about 1.4v into an i7 without worry, assuming your temps arnt going too high. Temps will do far more damage then extra voltage will. Now does that mean its 'safe'? I guess that depends on what you define safe as. Considering some stock i7s come with a reference voltage of 1.25v+, I dont think you need to worry. My c0's default voltage is 1.28v. I'm running it at 1.38v daily. Temps never go over 65c. If you're running Prime95 stable at 1.175v you have a god of a chip and should be jacking that puppy to about 4.5ghz, else you are doing a disservice to us all and need to be punished!
My chip is similar to his. 1.16v @ 3.6ghz, but 1.25v for 4.0ghz
Once I get a new cooler I'll aim a bit higher.
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