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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Signal2Noise View Post
Current rig in sig will be getting an overhaul come christmas time. A Core i5 750, ASUS P7P55D EVO mobo, and 4 sticks of 2GB G. Skill DDR3 ram are in the works. Hard drives, vidcard and everything else will remain the same.

I am debating whether to do a clean install, which I normally do, or attempt to ninja-swap the hardware out in order to keep the o/s and apps/games intact which I've never done before. I had just installed Win7 64-bit a couple of months ago and have everything the way I like. I've perused the forums and www on mobo swapping w/o re-installing Windows but either the info is dated or just not detailed enough.

Thoughts & advice appreciated.
It'll work. You'll just have alot of fluff left over. Make sure you put the latest intel INF's on your PC before the swap. A fresh reload is still your best solution. And if you start running into issues, you'll likely have to reload it anyways.
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