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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
While I don't have one to test....I would pick up a SSDNow 40GB over that PS100 in a heart beat. The small write speeds of that Patriot drive are rumored to be in the 1mb range and the latency is also rumored to be down right atrocious (I've read reviews of it getting +1ms latency).

The SSDNow cant compete in many ways against the big boys, BUT for the price of two of them you would end up with a killer raid "boot drive" on the "cheap".
oh hell i completely agree but it's got the right price ( 100$) tag so i can pretty much bet that it will sell everyone and there mother has been waiting for them to get to this price and they can't be slower the teh warp v2 series which make hd seem slow so i see a bright future for this drive. I would not buy 1 because i already have 1 warp left. and going raid just spend a little bit more ( like 20$ ) and you can get much better performance ( indilinx ) my a-data's get 150mb/s write know that's impressive hell they average 140
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