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Default Need some advice on fittings

I'm putting together my first water cooling setup and like an idiot I went and bought 2 rads and 2 pump tops that use G3/8 threading before I could source all of the parts for my loop. Now I'm finding out that most consumer water blocks use 1/4 threading, so I have a few options:

1) Using adapters to step down from 3/8 to 1/4
I must admit my knowledge of fluid dynamics is limited at best but my guess would be that having several gauge step-downs and step-ups would simply increase the speed at which the water flows through the narrower portions of the loop, wouldn't it? But would it also increase the chances of leaks and make the pumps work harder than they have to though? I'm thinking about the fittings on each side of the pumps in particular here. It just seems kind of dumb to have anything bigger than 1/4 in the loop as long as there is at least one part that has to go to 1/4. Could someone shed some light on this for me?

2) Ordering G3/8 fittings from the Netherlands
This is super expensive and limits my selection of fittings severely. Also, it seems highly unlikely that I'll find a full set of cpu/chipset/gpu water blocks for new hardware that use 3/8 threading. Am I not looking in the right places?

3) Selling the rads & pump tops to buy 1/4 threaded ones so my whole loop will be 1/4 threaded
Anyone want to buy any of the following?

Thermochill PA120.4
Thermochill PA120.2

They are new and un-used. I would be willing to sell them at a good price assuming I'm going to replace them with 1/4 threaded parts.

Anyway thanks for reading. Looking forward to your feedback.

[edit] In answer to first reply: items are located in Victoria BC, that's why ordering parts from the Netherlands is so expensive [/edit]

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