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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
I will sale the 4890 and get a 5870, and here why

you already ready to may be spend $ 200 for a new board, and an other $ 200 for an other 4890, so $ 400, if you sell the 4890 , $ 160, that make you $ 560 for a 5870

i test the crossfire and i was not impress. Crysis was slower, and i have few bug that was repeatable in xfire but not in single mode

and don't forget the power usage will be less too, same for the heat

I sell my second 4890 for this reason. i prefer have a single card now

Actually, I'm looking at NOT buying a new board. And I already have the second 4890 shipping to me. The only thing I'm short at the moment is the PSU. (Only running a 550 atm) So I don't want to sell 2 4890's and have to still spend another $200 - $300 on top of that for a GPU.

Thanks for the link IRQ. Looks like the difference between 8x and 16x is extremely minor, even in a card much faster than mine.
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