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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
Thx !!

You are in fact correct.They are 'hardlines'.Fully grounded copper tubing.

The lines I've done so far : atx 12v 4 wire , external power for 8800GTX , IDE1 and cd , 2x USB lines.
That stuff looks fantastic! Absolutely the best presentation I've ever seen! It's exactly what I've been looking for...

I've sort of knocked around the idea of using metal conduit off and on for a while, and my main problem has always been that it looks crappy becuase of the galvanised or cast metal. Painting would work, plain black or even some of the new paints available. I though of using copper water or gas pipe, but couldn't figure a good way to join the pieces. I was also concerned about conductivity issues, and put it off.

These are grounded, takes care of that! Looks brilliant!

Outstanding work my friend, makes anything else look amature!

Question about your Sata power lines, I assume you custom made them? Where did you get the blue connectors? I love the tight spacing between them, perfect, not a single bend in the wire.

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