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Default Water cooling not performing up to par

Posted my current 4ghz OC on my i5 when a few people raised the point that high end air coolers are performing just as well as my 300 dollar watercooling loop. The only "cheap" part of my loop would be the radiator.

Loop is in my sig, specs are up and im using IC7 for paste ,temps are 35*C idle (depends on room temp) and it hits about 68*C under 4 hour linpack testing.

Anyone have any suggestions to getting this cooler to perform better then it is? And would the lack of static pressure be the problem?
This is the best configuration with this stupid case. My attempt to top mount the radiator and use the 140mm fans to remove the heat from the rad was an epic failure, and there is no where to mount the rad externally. Next option is just get a bigger and better caise.

I couldnt think of something snarky or interesting to put here this time around.

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