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Originally Posted by omgwtf View Post
Roger that.. Would a 1/2"W x 7ft be ok for just a pc?..
The 1/2" you only use for very heavy lines like the main ATX cable. So 7FT of it would be enough for 3 PSUs/PCs - depending on the line length, usually long ATX lines are no more than 24" and more often about 19-20". I assume this is the split braid sleeve?

With 10FT of the 1/4" you'd first think it would barely be enough for one unit when you add up all the line lengths. But in practice, I've never used a whole bag of 10FT on a single system, and usually have so much left over I could easily do a second system. Considering I don't use it on the SATA cables, and often use the 1/2" split braid for the ATX 12v 4pin and PCI-e lines, all you are covering is the molex. Then calculate that you don't use the exact line length because it stops short of the connector to allow for the shrink tube, and in the end you use 2-4 FT depending on how many lines the PSU has. Plenty left over to use on the front panel wires, fan tails, etc.

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