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Default Star Trek Online - Februray 2010

Hey all!

I have always enjoyed Star Trek. I've seen all the Original Series in reruns, watched The Next Generation religiously, toyed with Deep Space 9 and Voyager (although both not my favourite) and apparently am one of the few who liked Enterprise (although I have not seen all the episodes.

I truly enjoyed MOST of the Star Trek films in varying degrees and I admit, although I am not a fan of Time Travel in films sometimes, I think that the 2009 version of Star Trek was a fantastic film overall.

Anyways, all that to preface my question : "I was wondering if anyone has been keeping an eye on this MMO or plans on trying it."

I've been tracking the game a bit of late and there seems to be some good things being said about the development. It doesn't feel overhyped too much either. What's also making me interested in this MMO is the fact that I have been reading a lot of negative stuff about the upcoming Star Wars MMO (and trust me... I love the Star Wars universe too!).

I was just curious to see if others were thinking of signing up for Starfleet or not.

Have a good one!
Ensign_Canuck :)

Edit: Various pre-orders have different items. Steam is supposed to have a pre-order version, but it does not show up in their lists of games. Anyone know anything about that?
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