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Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post
any particular reason you would prefer NVIDIA? have you ever compared the 2D output of NVIDIA to ATI?

for myself-only interested in 2D work-ATI is the only option. my eyes damn near bleed after working for a few hours with NVIDIA GPUs. this has been the case for a long time for me on a number of different monitors. considering the primary role of this machine is for web design, 2D output should be your primary concern.

oh boy an other problem.... no reason for Nvidia a side of been my only SLI board I want to give it a try. But something tell me that I should believe you, so I have to reconfigure my setup. I can switch the cpu with my other I5 PC , and use the other one for WS, butt the 7 premium is already install on it and I need 7 pro for my domain , the WS will have my 2 new SSD too, I don't feel to reinstall the 7 , it's already 2 time I change ( not duplicate ) it from 1 pc to the other one i will have also to call Ms. Since I'm not too much in gaming I think I will just drop the SLI thing ...

I will came you back on the choice of my LCD, you look to have experience with what I want to do
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