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Originally Posted by biff View Post
Wireless get's nearly no use. Used maybe a few times a month to transfer about 10MB of data, so I'm not going to miss 802.11n. Stability is far more important.

What are the improvements that the third party firmware provides?
Stability and features.

"Among other features not found in the original Linksys firmware, DD-WRT adds the Kai Daemon for the Kai Console Gaming network, WDS wireless bridging/repeating protocol, Radius Authentication for more secure wireless communication, advanced Quality of Service controls for bandwidth allocation, and software support for the SD-Card hardware modification."

What is DD-WRT? - DD-WRT Wiki has many more listed features such as..
I should let you read the rest
Anyways, it's been a god send in regards to stability. It used to be days and needing to reboot cause it hung up or got slow, this has been several months without issues and still going strong.
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