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Default Crossfire - 16x16 necessary?

So I've been doing quite a bit of reading on this, and it seems to be basically a coin toss on people's opinions. The question being: Is full 16x16 2.0 crossfire support that large a jump in performance over 8x8 2.0? (Real world gaming)

The situation is that I have an 8x8 2.0 board (see primary in sig) and I'm going to be running 2x 4890's in crossfire. Should I seriously consider moving from a 790x to a 790fx board to get 16x16? Obviously I understand that benchmark numbers are higher for the 16x16, but does current game development take advantage of the jump? Is it really worth the $150 - $200 to get a new board? Is crossfire in 8x8 a waste?

And before I get comments about moving to a new board for 16x16 AND DDR3, forget it. I don't want to spend the money it'll take to buy the RAM. The only real option I'm considering is a jump to one of the few AM3 DDR2 boards with 16x16. Probably this one. But I don't want to drop the money for it unless it's a noticeable performance boost.

Thoughts? Any educated input would be appreciated. (Please list reasons for answers, not just assumptions.)
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