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Default I7 860 Cooling and GPU

I start to build my new I7, here the spec

Antec twelve hundred
maximus III formula
I7- 860
2 * Intel X-25 SSD in raid 0
500 Gb Black

This build will be use for web design, so photoshop, dreamweaver and co. may be some gaming too.
I will not OC, exept may be the time too try the OC Windows Software of the board and the ROG link to a laptop.
So I need a Heat Sink, but I'm not after OC record
Finally I will not go with eyefinity, probably a 24" with 1 or 2 22" , one will be portait . I was thinking 2 GPU , with posibility of SLI or X fire, with a preference for SLI, ( I already have a 4890 in an other build )

So what will be a nice GPU and Cooler for it.

I know this board is a little bit overkill for my need.
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