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My System Specs


Bit late to the party but all the 550's I've bought unlocked to quad and OC'd to 3.8ghz. Good for almost 6K of PPD

Make sure to add voltage before you unlock or you'll likely not be successful.

I'd say 1.475 to 1.525 unlocked to quad @ 3.8ghz seems to be the sweet spot. Use the Hyper212+ HSF.

Personally, I do 1.475 unlocked and at 3.8 then test with 2 copies of Orthos (each with proper affinity) for 24hrs for stability. If it's stable I record that and try to lower the voltage. Once I find the highest clock at lowest voltage I'll set up CPU folding via VM on it and run that for 24hours. For some reason that seems to push it harder and on some 550's will cause spontaneous resets. I just add voltage one step at a time until it'll do 24 hours folding.

It takes a while, but the overclocks so far have been stable and are all working fine.
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