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Originally Posted by slay3r View Post
What do you think about this one? A bit overpriced for what i want to pay but this could fit under my tv
Belkin PureAV Home Theater Battery Backup with AVR 1200VA 640W Line Conditioner 5500J 8 Outlet Black
You're paying for the form factor / sleekness of it.

Those APC 1300VA are currently on sale until Thursday night @ Futureshop for 169.99 Future Shop: Computers: Desktop Computer Accessories: APC 1300VA UPS Battery Back-Up With LCD (BX1300LCD-CN)

So for all my equipment plugged into the UPS I pull ~180W. This is my 2950T 24 port Cisco switch, D-Link DGS-1008 switch, Motorola SB5101 cable modem, my router pc (1.8Ghz Celeron) & my fileserver. (3800+ X2 with 7 HD's) According to the UPS itself, I should have roughly 30 mins of battery before it's drained. I mostly got it because the power flickers a lot here, not really dropping, but still lots of variety in the quality. This was before I moved out of town, and who knows what this winter will bring on the island.

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