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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
if you by a good one like Adapted or Highpoint it make all the difference, those card are $ 400- 500 and up ( and It's for a 3Gg, i don't check the price of the 6G ) ...... they have a build in CPU and memory, so they remove the load on the CPU, raid 5 especially put a lot of load on the cpu.. now I see no use to put 4 SSD in raid 0 , if it's why you think about, 2 will be more than enough, and your motherboard will handle it . but with 4 ssd , you better to get a 6g controller,
Adaptec is ok.. Highpoint is garbage.

Areca is good.

There is a lot more to a raid card than cpu load being taken off.

RAID cards provide TRUE hardware RAID unlike your motherboard which is only software.

I really won't go into all the differences as a simple google search will yield a lot of results of software vs hardware RAID
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