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My System Specs


I included a picture to illustrate. Basically the two power prongs touched point A & point B. Yeah I hear you that this should not really affect the computer, since they are connected only via data, but the timing seems to perfect too be anything else. And they are pluged into the same wall socket.

I am no longer 100% sure it still worked after. I know the screen was still on FOR SURE, and I REALLY THINK it still worked till I powered down...

Yes the plug is grounded properly (my brother is an electrician), it was just missing the cover - since I am not done the dry-walling yet. I was VERY unimpressed with myself when it happened.

Does removing the CMOS battery (and then switching off the PSU, then hitting the power switch on the computer to drain the caps) provide the EXACT same effect as resetting the bios with a jumper? Its easier for me to do the battery thing for this computer.

MORE INFO - I removed all cards except my video card. Nothing is plugged into USB anymore. Actually NOTHING is plugged in other than a monitor. I checked to make sure things are properly connected and seated. I just unplugged all drives (HDD, DVD, Floppy) data and power cables - no change. I have gone through everything I can in that guide you posted (thanks btw).

It looks like I need to convince my bro to bring his comp for Christmas. What would be the SAFEST way to test my parts? If I cook his stuff I'm out more money! Is it risky to put a possibly cooked CPU into another mobo? Same question for putting a good cpu into a possible fried mobo.
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