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My System Specs

Default I think I litterally FRIED something...

This is regarding the hardware in my sig.

I bought a 20" tube monitor to use as a 2nd display - $10 from goodwill - WOOT. Well I get it home, go to plug it into a socket which does not have a faceplate / cover on it (in the process of dry walling and insulating an unfinished basement). I was not looking really, and the left prong went into the right "slot" on the socket. The right tooth hit a screw and arced nice n blue.

To my pleasant surprise my computer was still on and running. It seemed ok. Then I powered down later that day (after using my computer with no issue!) and it won't turn back on now!!! What a tease! Is that REALLY possible? To still work until powering down but not after?

Symptoms - No video displayed, no beeps, I do not head HDD noise (and with 2 raptors and a seagate I REALLY should lol...)

I swapped memory modules, changed slots, etc
I swapped video cards
So far no change.

I realize I cannot hear my floppy disk on start up (not sure if I have that disabled though). I decided to pop the cmos battery thinking that the base settings may enable that. Still no floppy seak (although I do not know if it SHOULD with default settings). Should I be able to hear my floppy with default bios settings for my board?

I do not have another 775 board or CPU to test with (but I can likely get ahold of one over the christmas break). BUT I DEFFINATELY do not want to cook my brothers parts testing mine.

Ideas, suggestions, floppy seek?

I hope its my mobo - it NEVER worked right despite 4 RMA's before I said to hell with RMA's from ASUS

Thanks in advance guys.
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