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My System Specs


Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Why is your GPU in the bottom slot?
The 5850 was really throwing a lot of heat onto the radiator of the H50 cooler, dropped it down just to keep it away (eventually there will be a second one in there anyways....)

Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
What did you have to cut with the dremel to make the h50 fan/rad fit in there?
There is a reservoir that sticks out on the top and bottom of the rad. They stick out past where a 120mm fan would end, and this case puts the fan extremely close to the top of the case, leaving no room for the reservoir. I had to move the screw holes down about 1cm and slightly to the left to make it fit. The reason the fan is so high is because in the back of this case, there are pre-drilled water cooling holes which take up some extra space.

Also, I thought of drilling the holes for the 8-pin connector, but my excitement to get this up and running prevented me from doing so. There are no top or bottom holes in the mobo tray, so I'll have to drill both. Sometime after Christmas this will be my project.
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