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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Yeah, I'm better than they are by default. I do know *something* about computers, whereas they do not. I personally don't care about race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or which Mac matches your drapes.

.... but don't, as a Mac user, look down your nose at me, acting like "you've figured it all out" and I'm in the dark.

I like a good debate like anyone else. When I saw a group on facebook called "Anything your PC can do my Mac can do better" I had to take a peek. They were all patting each other on the back because they own a computer made by Apple and Apple built the mouse. In complete disbelief I had to educate them on the Alto and the advances Xerox made in that whole area.

In time they banned me. I was never arrogant, or rude. I made a point to specify that I didn't think Mac was crap. They always wanted to argue but couldn't quite keep up. They wanted to steer away from everything else to point out about Apples stocks profile, which, really, had more to do with their iPods than anything else. Later I was unbanned by the groups senior moderator, who apologized to me.

I've used many operating systems, some of which many of you would likely not know of. I'm also a recent PC user.

I thought Windows was shit until Windows XP came along.......
Dude seriously no one has said anything that even implies that they are looking down their noses at you. As I stated each computer has their benefit and as I have found PC's are for gaming and 3d rendering to be honest, they handle these programs (as they are built primarily for pc) better than mac's do, but design software, video editing, audio editing and some CG applications just run smoother on Mac's and that is strictly in the kernal and the lines of code.

Second of all as for hackintosh's yes they work, but are really a pain in the ass to setup and keep up-to-date and that is how Apple has made a solid OS it only supports what products they want in their systems. Honestly if it was possible to customize a Mac like you can a PC the user base would be on par for them both.

Yes Mac's are more expensive as unlike PC's they are not a mash up of parts (when I say this I am talking about budget pre-built systems) Now to build a top end PC and to have a top Mac you are spending roughly the same amount. Yes PC laptops are cheaper but yet again you are getting a lot less of a PC than if you were buying a Mac Book.

Now I say all this as both a PC user and a Mac user, currently I have 4 PC's and 2 Mac's and as stated I use PC's for gaming and what little 3d rendering I will do with Maya and 3dStudio Max and various others, and for design I use the Mac's as they seem to be less buggy with the Adobe Collection.

No way am I insulting PC users or mac users, and I am not stating that one is ultimately better than other as they both have their uses that they excel at. And I have been using OS's since MS-Dos and Windows 3.1 and even back then the apple computers had a better OS TO ME.

Now OS selection strictly comes down to personal preference and, ME PERSONALLY,I enjoy the Mac interface more but while using Windows Vista and Windows 7 even that is a hard choice as they are both visually appealing but Mac still wins out, FOR ME, as it is a lot more stable and lets face it has a lot less virus worries.

Now again this is all my opinion and I am in no way insulting anyone, or looking down at anyone, but when you go and start insulting people for their opinion that is when you get a FANBOY as you have the notion that the only opinion that is correct is yours. We are all adults here on these awesome forums so can we act like it.

I know a lot to read but as I stated its my opinion.
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