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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Cheator View Post
Right, so what place does it have in this thread? All of us that have macs in this thread USE Pcs. Hell, I only have one Mac and 10 PCs...

Plus, you're no better than those nose-breathers cause you're doing EXACTLY the same effing thing, you just don't have a god like they do.

Yeah, I'm better than they are by default. I do know *something* about computers, whereas they do not. I personally don't care about race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or which Mac matches your drapes.

.... but don't, as a Mac user, look down your nose at me, acting like "you've figured it all out" and I'm in the dark.

I like a good debate like anyone else. When I saw a group on facebook called "Anything your PC can do my Mac can do better" I had to take a peek. They were all patting each other on the back because they own a computer made by Apple and Apple built the mouse. In complete disbelief I had to educate them on the Alto and the advances Xerox made in that whole area.

In time they banned me. I was never arrogant, or rude. I made a point to specify that I didn't think Mac was crap. They always wanted to argue but couldn't quite keep up. They wanted to steer away from everything else to point out about Apples stocks profile, which, really, had more to do with their iPods than anything else. Later I was unbanned by the groups senior moderator, who apologized to me.

I've used many operating systems, some of which many of you would likely not know of. I'm also a recent PC user.

I thought Windows was shit until Windows XP came along.......
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