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Default Apollish VX-R

And so it ends. I'm almost sad that my new rig is finally completed. All the hours of research in reviews, the price watching, checking specs, waiting for new components..... so it has all come to this. I'm pretty proud of this build, as I'm sure most/all of you are with a new build. Please note one thing though: the pictures here do not do this case justice whatsoever. Check the system specs for details if you're interested.

In any case, I saw these silver Apollish fans and couldn't do without them. They are so effin quiet it's unbelievable. Those and the case were the first parts chosen for this build. With the limited selection of 790FX Motherboards, I went with the gigabyte one. The memory I picked up compliments this board very well as it is also a metallic blue, looks pretty cool as that color surrounds the processor on 3 sides. The power supply was such a wicked deal on NCIX I couldn't pass it up, and hey, doesn't look all that bad either. The cables that came with it are soooooooo stiff, it made the cable management a bit tricky, but I think I didn't do too bad.

The only major problem I encountered with this build was that the H50 would not fit in the VX-R case. You have no idea how pissed I was to find that out. Let's just say I think my dog may be able to recite multiple expletives as he was the one that came to check on what the yelling was all about. Then it was decided. Out came the Dremel. 45 mins later and pissing off my girlfriend (it was after midnight), I had the problem tackled, and in went the cooler. The reduction in temps made it well worth while (the Arctic Silver 5 probably helped a bit too).

Here's the pics - let me know what you think!
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