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Default Opinions on my RAID idea?

I went almost 20 years without ONE computer problem, that's righ, not ONE, but in the last year I have lost 2 hard drives.

I did back up most of it, but I lost about 3 months worth of pix, and the 3 months were around xmas/new years, ouch.

I do back up to an external HD of my pics and docs I consider essential, so 100% redundancy is not needed, but it w ould be nice if a HD chunking wuoldne automatically mean its all gone.

I bought an xfx 680i LT and have 2 identical WD 250gb sata drives. I reasearched what I could and heres what I came up with:

RAID 0 : not for me, same risk as single drive, increased speed

1: also not for me, lose a whole drive to redundancy, too much overhead

0+1: need 4 drives, make me feel safer than other choices with speed boost along with it, but $$

5: This is the one I think I will go with, ability to rebuild without loss (not 100%, but still), speed boost, only lose part of one disk in capacity, only have to buy one more HD

Please rip it apart, I mean offer constructive critisism :)
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