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Well, its actually going to combine my old main rig/downstairs PC/media server with my really old HTPC.

I lost all my pics on the HP when I added a 2nd hard drive and the power supply cut out (x800+2 hard drives+2dvd burners+ 320w hp power supply), plus my recent experience with the o/c upstairs has led me to this raid idea...

I am going to keep all my pics on the upstairs PC, and will just leave it stock, it screams as it is, so no worries. Plus regular backups on an external HD.

Keep all my music and video media on this second rig and use it as my htpc, no more streaming needed, RAID for security.

Plus a neat idea I am kinda confused I never thought of before, the PC and HTPC are on opposite sides of the same wall, so I will instead just run the 2nd video output to the tv through the wall, and the moneaul wireless keyboard/trackball, and the PC can sit at the desk with the monitor and a mouse and keyboard on the other side of the wall. Plus now that my xbox 360 streams divx (and looks 10x better than the htpc did, good job on the decoder MS) I can still be watching shows while my wife plays on facebook.

I will start a new thread when I start building...

So the 680 board is finicky? what kind of things is it bad at?
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