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+1 to Gingerbee's tweak recommendations.
Follow that guide and you will be good to go :)

For $400 and raid 0 I'd either get THREE SSDNow 40GB V's (or 4 if you can get a good deal on em) or two 60GB Indilinx SSDs. The writes would be extremely good with three 40GB V's in raid 0 (the only weakness of that drive) and the reads would be out of this world. FOUR of em would give you insane small file 4k write speeds (prolly in the 150-160mb range) and prolly max out a sata 2 bus. Where it is an Intel controller based drive, it wouldnt slow down a lot as it has ITGC built in so no TRIM support wouldnt be a big loss. Same goes for OCZ Indilinx drives drop 1.4.1 on it and enjoy ITGC ;)
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