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What is your definition of "Best"? Best value, best performance, etc etc

Even with Win 7 there is a few tweaks you need to do to get the best from any modern SSD.

Some of the best bang for your buck SSDs right now include the Falcon 2, Agility and the Kingston SSDNow V Series 40GB (and ONLY the 40GB version the others....suck). IMHO two 40GB V's in Raid 0 is a very good choice (about $250 gets you power of a Intel X25-M gen 2).

Moving up in price you have the Vertex, Falcon 1, Torqx. They all come in various sizes. 30gb and 60gb are slower than the 120/250 models...but not by much.

Moving up in price again you have the Intel X25-M gen 2 and the Agility EX (SLC SSD, this is the one I use right now).

Moving up again you have the Vertex EX and a couple other SLC based SSDs.

Moving up again you have the OCZ Colossus.

Moving up again you have the various PCI-E based SSDs like the one from OCZ.

All of these are great drives. Pick the one that suits your budget best, and when in doubt....get 1 SSD and Raid 0 them later rather than getting two now. I say this as any gen 2 SSD is a GREAT single drive solution and will blow your socks off :)
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