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My System Specs


Originally Posted by donimo View Post
I go the board and will re-use my p4 2.8 for now, along with its Antec smartpower 2.0 500w, hope its enough, bought it before I found this board

So it looks like it will be:

mobo: xfx 680i lt
cpu: P4 520, 2.8Ghz
ram: ocz gold 6400/crucial 8500
p/s: Antec smartpower 2.0 500w
case: nMedia HTPC 300SA
cooler: scyth katana II/mini ninja
HD: 2x250gb WD caviar se 16mb in raid, not wure which yet?
gpu: ati x800 XL w/ accelero s1

total upgrade cost $200

will get new cpu and gpu soon
With a 680i, overclock you will. But to get it stable is another story.... that's a nice setup to have some fun. Don't worry about the PSU, it should be more than enough. I wouldn't bother with those big HDDs and RAID for such a system though. 20Gb or 40Gb drives would do the trick.
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