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My System Specs


Well I don't know what's up with this thing.

I'm running it on my table now, with a different PSU that's only 20pin. It worked first go then started to fail a few restarts later. So I proceeded to try something else, unplug the chipset fan (kind of thinking XBOX360, heat it up to reflow the solder), and surprisingly it started working as the heatsink reached about 60-70C. When it got up to 100C though, things stopped working again.

Now I'm running the fan, though undervolted, and it seems to be stable thus far. Chipset heatsink is around 50C. I'm pushing forward with configuring everything and I'll put it back in it's case tomorrow with the other PSU and see what happens.

On-board LAN works and so does the PCI slots which has a HDA Xplosion sound card in it.

UPDATE: Broke itself again. Now I'm back to nothing. Onboard LAN is gone, PCI slots gone. Only the onboard audio works. And now if I plug in a PCI card, it won't even POST. Guess it's a goner.

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