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My System Specs


I really suggest that you do not use 2 pumps. I guarantee 2 pumps will work, however there is reason for concern. If you have 2 pumps on a small circuit such as a cooling system for your PC, you could find your pumps working to hard. A little hard to explain, I studied this in college. 2 pumps will be beneficial in the proper application, say a really large circuit or a small circuit with under powered pumps. A Pc cooling application with 2 pumps just is not practical. Mind you I will admit there can be situations that it be necessary, just not this one.

I am currently on a build right now. I'm the guy doing the MDF build in the worklog.
My circuit is currently doing this. RES-PUMP-CPU-RAD1-GPU-RAD2-RES
Now take into account that RAD1 is a car 8inx9in automotive radiator and RAD2 is an Heatercore from a 1981 Volvo 240.
Sounds like a lot for one pump eh... well get this.. I run all this with the DangerDen Mag2 pump. Yea that tiny thing does wonders.

Now if I can run a system like that with one of the smallest pumps (power and size) out there then you have nothing to worry about.

As for a pump suggestion... Naturally I would say look into the DangerDen Mag2, it's cheap, very small, very quiet, WORKS.
If not... then Go for any of the swifttech pumps.

Hope this is helpful.
If you can't beat it...
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