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My System Specs

Default Gyration media center remote /airmouse

Media Center Remote

Pros:Sit on your ass(sofa) and use your computer, 100 foot range, cheap AA batteries, 3 year warranty(seeing reviews of 2 years but mine was 3), unique gaming experience, takes falls well/been very reliable, accurate(when used to it)

cons: little pricey, could be a little smaller none the less not too big, can burn through batt's in three weeks if used all the time

Overall i've got to give this thing 5/5 ,a huge recommendation if your pc is hooked up to your TV. I bought mine at futureshop about a year and a half ago and i couldn't go back to a normal mouse. Its s absolutelly bada** device that i also use to change channel's on satelite, turn off my tv on top of gaming. The mouse itself is extremly accurate and audjustable, the more steady your hand the better you'll be with it. I set part of the remote on my arm cushon when gaming for sniper accuracy. Sturdy as hell, a device that might seem fragile, i use the thing on thin carpet but its fallen to that thin carpet many of times and still works 100%. one problem with it is when the batteries start getting low it can start to wander even when steady(the cursor) , when this first happend i thought it was broken but all you have to do is set the unit down for a couple second's(don't move it) and its reccalabraites itself. Never does this with good batteries, i burn through batt's fast (3w) but i use thing thing 10 hours a day and then as a remote for my tv.
For gaming thing remote truely offer a alternate expeirience, mainly 3rd/1st person shooters, its definitelly more challenging but the remote is accurate so that you can get real good with it. For first person shooter's i use a gamepad in my left hand for an anolog stick(strafe,forwrard/back), 2 trigger's, the pad, all left side buttons and then my airmouse in my right hand which also has aujustable button's (if the game allows it) long with the 2 mouse bottons and also an enter key and up/down/right/left arrow keys which can all be audjusted in the game. I audjust the sesnsitivity to that a 180 degree movement with the remote makes 2.5 turns in the game, seems to work great in most cases.
If your a real time strategy guy using this mouse can be a little frustrating but even in that regard's i've gotten used to it and its good enough for me though i'd probably be at a disadvantage online. more reccomended for 1st/3rd person shooter. along with a gamepad it can feel real legit

Notice( i have not used the thing on win 7(just vista), assuming it works but something to make note of)

sorry for any spelling error's, i was high when i wrote this(as well as in school)
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