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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Memory controller and/or all my slots failed but I am thinking it was the memory controller on my board.

Suddenly started having random reboots , then Windows only recognized 2.5GB of ram instead of the 4 (Well 3.25GB 32bit) GB installed.
Swapped out the mushkin for the Corsair I had kicking around, same issue. Tested the Mushkin in my EP45 system , recognized no problem.

PSU is fine, Cards are Fine, HDD is fine, just that decided to die.
When will it be back up and idea, I'm broke so its down for now until I can see if an RMA is possible with the board.

Damnit, sorry to hear that!! I'm beginning to agree that failure rates (mfr QC) have NOT been on the ball for a while now and we're biting the bullits for their lazynes.

If I had anything left that would crank out a hundred lousy points in a day I'd do it but my junk box is empty! That me being south of the border doesn't help either. You all pool spares and whatever you have together to try and get us out of this mess. No team is gonna wait for us so we gotta hump even if it is Christmas time.

Beleive me, everyone's concery over this is very much shared, I'm sure. We just need to dig a bit deeper to get out of this temporary slump and setback. WE CAN AND WILL DO IT SOMEHOW!!!!!!!!!

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