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My System Specs

Default E're she is

Rig is now under water.

I know typically its CPU first, but the loop goes into the video cards first, since that was what I wanted cooled the most with all the folding abuse they take. At kruzn's house my video card temps were at 40c-42c while folding some 353 pointers. This used to be at 85c so I would say there was some marginal improvement there. This also seemed like an easier loop to do.

The cpu was at 60c while doing a bigadv (OC to 3.4GHZ, 1.2v), so that was a little better than the 70c they would see normally. These temps will rise when I put the rig back under the desk too, so hopefully they won't go much higher when I try for 4.0GZ next week.

The major difficulty encountered was that the Apogee GTZ block's mounting screw got stripped real easy. One of the threads never did catch properly, so Swiftech is sending a new bracket and rear mounting plate no questions asked (never asked for an invoice or anything). Good customer service I would say, but by looking at reviews of this block and through some forums, plenty of folks had this issue with the screws getting stripped easy. In the meantime, I bought Kruzn's Alphacool Niagara cpu block instead, and will use the Apogee in the folding rig this winter or spring.

Here are the pics. Sorry about the flash but the lighting is poor so I tried taking shots from angles to help with that:

Here is the front for a look at the res and fan controller:

Again, thanks Kruzn4evr for doing this!
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