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Default [MOD-PROJECT:] CoolerMaster Wave Master

NOTE: This post was created December 10th, 09 as a work log for one generic case, and a Cooler Master 690. These cases where to be modded. However, the seller of the generic case sold it for $20 before I could pick it up - he literally sold it twenty minutes before I went to pick it up. The seller of the 690 decided he wanted to sell his PC as a whole, and not part it out. Now, instead of having this closed, I decided to convert it into something else - you know, to save space

While my main rig (see sig) is waiting for its second SSD to be replaced via RMA, I will invest some time into a case mod Ė or two.

I planned on picking up a Cooler Master 690 and a generic case and see what I can do. This would have been my second and third attempts at case modding. My first attempt was to a case that housed a Pentium II. However I didnít document my work on it, but I was able to see it locally for a fair price Anyways, both selllers backed out, so I can not get these cases anymore. I know that it was dumb of me for creating a thread before having possesion of these cases. But I bought a case this time, and should get it soon! I plan on modding a CoolerMaster Wave Master!

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